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Launching a new product to multiple global markets? Got a story of an innovation with applications in many industries? Trade media is the ultimate shop window for your business. 

We get your stories noticed by influencers and purchasers in your industry through exposure in the select trade media your global target audiences trust, follow, and rely on.

From text production to highly precise media selection and outreach, with advanced reporting that demonstrates your success in the KPIs important to you, our services are completely tailor-made, delivered with seamless efficiency.

Curious to know how many international trade publications we can reach for your precise target audiences?

Targeted Media Selection

Targeted Media Selection

We produce tailor-made, hand-picked media selections comprising the most respected & relevant trade media for every campaign.

Campaign Performance Tracking

Campaign Monitoring

We actively track the success of your campaign, monitoring editorial reception plus print, online, and social media visibility performance.

Trade Media Consultancy

Our writers help you construct content perfectly tailored to your audience, with the journalistic qualities that  bring high publication rates.

Comprehensive Follow-up Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Your ROI clearly demonstrated in a full campaign report detailing the coverage of your news along with proven publicity clippings. 

Highly Professional Translation

Professional Translations

Reach your customers in their native languages. Our translation service lets you spread even the most technical content expertly.

Complete Campaign Management

Campaign Management​

 We handle your campaign from commencement to completion with press release production, translation, media targeting, outreach & reporting.

Made to measure beats one size fits all

Our made to measure trade media outreach lists ensure you reach the most relevant targets with every campaign

Our fully tailored media lists ensure your news reaches the most relevant target audiences for every single campaign.

Traditional press release agencies are the wrong tool for the job of delivering maximum marketing & sales value

Standard distribution agencies are the wrong tool for achieving maximum marketing value from your product communications with precise relevant audiences.

So much more than distribution

Our boutique approach gets the results you need for optimal visibility. Our made-to-measure media outreach lists, unique for each campaign message give your news a significantly higher hit rate than traditional press release distribution agencies, both in quality and quantity of your targeted trade media publicity. Spot the differences:

INS Trade Media Service
  • Trade media specialised for product marketing and sales value.
  • Suitable for technically written content, by experts for experts.
  • Consultancy approach; we take the time to understand your content’s widest value and most interested readership.
  • Effortlessly efficient with minimal input required; less disruption to your workflow.
  • Unique trade media outreach lists for each announcement.
  • Reach to specific editorial contacts based on their field of expertise.


Standard press release 
distribution agencies

  • Stock market and financial media focused.
  • Useful to present factual financial figures.
  • Point & click approach, no further value added, you reach only a selection of the most obvious targets.
  • Time consuming in setting up your own targets.
  • Generic media lists based on simple keyword matches.
  • Reach to only generic contacts at each media.

Our results speak for themselves; see what you can achieve too: