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Here are a few of our most rewarding recent collaborations. We think the results speak for themselves.

SSAB Swedish Steel Prize 2019

Swedish Steel Prize

Our Widest Reaching Campaign

Our partner SSAB releases frequent press release campaigns with our tailor made services, reaching steel, and engineergin trade media as well as highly targeted media matched to each campaign, including the Swedish Steel Prize

The Swedish Steel Prize is the only international award for ideas and products that have an impact on future steel solutions, attracting  competitors and interest from around the world.

We helped SSAB reach international trade media with a series of 7 campaigns covering the entire competition, including individual announcements for four unique finalists’ innovations.

Our partnership with SSAB and the Swedish Steel Prize has run several years, showcasing our diverse media handling to a range of industrial sectors globally, as well as media serving the steel industry as a whole.

Far-reaching, but precisely targeted exposure was achieved for each announcement with tailor-made media lists designed around the target markets for each case. 

The results also show how adding more languages achieves significantly more visibility for global reach with local relevance.

Global publicity achieved in 14 languages:

Selection of country flags

Number of proven publishing media worldwide:


Estimated global readership:

26 000 000+

See inside each campaign:

thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Automation and AI are the future; our specialist media knowledge makes us the perfect partner to take your digitalization news to your industry’s influential trade media too.

The Digital Transformation is Here

thyssenkrupp Materials Services logo

Our second campaign with thyssenkrupp Materials Services had a lot to live up to after the highly successful IoT story.

This collaboration went above and beyond, achieving outstanding levels of visibility with the targeted audiences despite launching in just two languages, showing that inspiring stories spread far and wide when targeted to the right editorial contacts at the right international media.

Published by media based in 13 countries:

thyssenkrupp Materials Services' automation campaign was published in trade media in 12 different countries

Number of publishing media worldwide:


Reaching an estimated readership of:

4 300 000+

Sulapac & Stora Enso

Got a sustainability story to inspire your industry with?

We’re experts in making waves with sustainability news that resonates with all the essential global trade media read by purchasers in your industry; your ideal target customers. Let us take your brand and your products’ sustainability stories there, anywhere in the world.

The Game-changing Sustainability Start-up

Sulapac logo

We love supporting startup companies, especially when they have inspiring stories about amazing products that just need to be seen worldwide.

We helped Sulapac spread news of their live product launch in real-time, sharing the campaign for their incredible fully biodegradable ocean friendly straw to a hand-picked list of specialist global trade media.

News of the ground-breaking story was exceptionally well received by editors worldwide, achieving outstanding publicity for Sulapac and partner Stora Enso.

Media outreach to over 2000 editors at media titles in 6 languages:

Sulapac's biodegradable, sustainable straw campaign was launched in 6 languages

Number of publishing media worldwide:


Worldwide readership reached:

18 000 000+ 

Iggesund & Tobii Pro

When it comes to paperboard and packaging innovations news, we should be top of your list in ensuring your stories reach all the influential media followed by your target audiences industry-wide, worldwide. 

Neuromarketing Improves Packaging Design

Iggesund is a long term partner, we have enjoyed consistently rewarding collaboration, delivering their news to paper and packaging trade media worldwide

Iggesund is a long-term partner with campaigns achieving consistently high publication rates across many targeted markets.

The key to Iggesund’s excellent campaign successes is not just their insightful stories, but also the frequency of their news. Regular press releases let your stories build momentum with editors which helps to generate and maintain a strong media presence with a loyal following, resulting in lasting customer relationships.

This campaign achieved fantastic levels of publicity in a wide range of targeted markets, as well as being a hot topic on our social media.


Campaign launched globally in 8 languages:

Iggesund and Tobii PRO's neuromarketing for improved packaging design campaign launched in 8 languages

Number of proven publishing media worldwide:


Estimated global trade media readership:

800 000+

Get your product news noticed by your target audiences globally in your industry’s most trusted trade media: