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About INS Trade Media Service

At INS Trade Media Service we are specialists in gaining companies highly targeted international publicity in trade media, founded in Stockholm 40 years ago with the mission of connecting businesses with the most suitable trade media anywhere in the world. From our pioneering beginnings, being one of the first agencies to understand the importance of product communications, we have built a unique trade media database that comprises more than 100 000 media titles in 160 countries. The age of B2B communications may have changed, but our values are still the same in promoting the most valuable commodity in business: trust.

Don’t think trade media is for you? Think again.

In a world where so much news is fake and content is user generated, anyone can distribute news stories easily. So where to turn for interesting news from credible sources you can trust? INS Trade Media Service takes you there.

Trade media has become the number one source for B2B news that is trustworthy and reliable. Not only does trade media exposure build trust in your brand, it gives you a direct line to the industry insiders, influencers & decision makers that represent your most valuable sales leads.

Simply put: publicity you can’t afford to miss.

At INS Trade Media Service we have the core values that give your communications impact where you need it most: insightful news, expertly written for an expert audience, targeted perfectly to the most respected trade media globally. Not only do we know the qualities that get your communications published worldwide, we also have the unique knowledge to target your messages to all relevant trade publications whose readers are essential to your business.

INS Trade Media Service is your one-stop solution to publicity in trade media that works for you & grows your business. Our services are tailor-made to meet your needs & we pride ourselves on being approachable, collaborative, and hands-on in our partnerships, building rewarding relationships with companies of any size, in any industry. From text production assistance to get your communications noticed, through uniquely hand-selected media targeting, to follow-up reporting that clearly demonstrates your gains, INS Trade Media Service helps you build your brand globally!

With offices in Stockholm and Helsinki, we provide services to some of the most esteemed companies in Europe; companies that proudly endorse our work and the results we have delivered in providing publicity with their most receptive readership worldwide.


40 years experience in providing companies with targeted publicity

Trade Media Focused

Our unique database comprises over 100 000 international trade media publications


We have launched global campaigns in a total of 33 languages to date

Truly Global

We can spread your communications to trade media in over 160 countries

Trusted by clients worldwide

With INS Trade Media Service, not only is your trade media publicity in safe hands, you’re also in good company.
We deliver success to companies of any size and from any industry.