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Trusted Source – Commercial Results from Your Trade Press Communication

Trade press communication is too often focused on achieving coverage and measured merely by “hit rate”, not by actual impact or potential follow-up media opportunities.

INS thrives on delivering valuable information to interested trade media parties, custom-tailored to their specific needs and interests. We measure our success, not on the basis of mere publication figures, but rather by the impact of the material and the deepening of the relationship with the reporter.

Our reputation is based on providing commercially relevant and beneficial information to interested parties. We analyze the potential of the release from both the customers’ as well as the media’s perspective and evaluate it throughout our base of 150 000 contacts, scrutinizing beyond the obvious stakeholders to maximize interest and ensure significant visibility and commercial value.

Each approach is then tailored to that specific audience, to match the interests of the publication, acknowledging the level of expertise in the field and geared to take advantage of any specific trends and concerns gaining attention.

Our “secret” is our relationship as a trusted source. Our network is of immense value to us. We nurture it constantly and maintain the integrity of our reputation by making sure the information delivered is always relevant, meaningful and beneficial to the recipient. To fine-tune the message we often delve beyond conventional practices, seeking immersed, deeper insight within, for example, the customer’s commercial operations.

We are not a “hit and run” organization, but rather a “hit and deliver” performer.

Our approach requires total transparency in both methods and results. As our aim is for commercial success, not just publication rates, we are always eager to engage in defining metrics and methods with our customers.

We believe meaningful commercial results not only serve our customers better, but are critical for our own long-term success.


40 years’ experience in providing companies with targeted publicity

Trade Media Specialised

Our unique database comprises over 100 000 international trade media


We have launched global campaigns in a total of 33 languages to date

Truly Global

We can spread your communications to trade media in over 160 countries

Trusted by clients worldwide

With INS Trade Media Service, not only is your trade media publicity in safe hands, you’re also in good company.
We deliver success to companies of any size and from any industry.