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Get Your Product News Noticed – 10 Tips for Press Release Perfection

Get Your Product News Noticed – 10 Tips for Press Release Perfection

So, you have a game changing product and you want the world to know about it. You’ve spent an unearthly amount of time and resources planning your product launch to the press, producing inspiring product stories, press releases, and images to put your innovation on your industry’s map. You’ve pitched your story to every relevant publication under the sun and what have you got to show for it? A handful of publications in minor magazines, accompanied by empty inboxes and silent phones in your marketing and sales departments. You’ve just learned the hard way that even killer product news gets no publicity with poorly written and badly targeted press releases. Fortunately, help is at hand…

To achieve visibility in the top trade publications serving your industry, your content needs star quality. Your news is facing tough competition and tight editorial schedules; editors publish only the most inspiring, newsworthy content for their discerning readers; your target audiences. Despite the challenges in getting published, press releases are still considered among the top means of getting your news in front of influential eyes when done properly. In fact, according to The Guardian newspaper, “a well written press release is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to gain publicity as well as high-quality leads.

To help you make the most of this tried and trusted publicity spinner, our ten tips guide you towards press release perfection, helping you craft the perfect message that inspires editors to publish, and readers to take action:

1. Captivate with your headline

Editors receive a lot of press releases daily. With an irresistible headline, yours will stand out from the pack and compel the reader continue. This also applies to your target readership; a winning headline is captivating, accurately descriptive of the article, and pitched to pique the interest of your specific desired audience.

2. Uniqueness gets noticed and shared

If you want your release to get published and get attention with your targets, it needs to be fresh and relevant to the reader. Dull and repetitive releases will not even get published and harm your reputation with editors, limiting future publicity opportunities. Content that is leading edge and newsworthy inspires your audience of like-minded industry insiders, as the content directly improves their businesses and working lives and is news worth sharing. Also ensure you send fresh, unique pictures with your news, not re-sending images that have been used previously.

3. Be concise

Your reader’s attention is precious. Deliver the most important part of your message in the first sentences for maximum effect. The value of the article should be evident from the get-go; but remember to structure the entire release in a way that is logical and easy to read.

4. Pitch to the perfect audience

Trade media readers are more knowledgeable in your focus area than general media consumers. This allows you to play to your strengths with technical details and factual writing that builds trust and advocacy of your products and brand from the right influencers in your industry.

5. Write and re-write

Make a first draft of your release including everything you wish to get across to the reader. Make a second edit to refine the structure and consider making the content more concise. Don’t forget to proof read and re-check, as even one mistake can put off potential publishers. We offer proofreading and text production assistance to optimise your content, for the journalistic quality, ready to publish news your targeted media are calling out for.

6. Target the right media

To reach the readers you want, and to generate the calls to action you need, you news must be visible in the appropriate media not just for your core industry targets, but also taking into account the wider relevance of the content to all interested parties. This is where we help you reach every target suitable for your content; highly relevant audiences you might had not even considered. If your’re curious to find out how many perfectly matched trade media we can target with your news, why not contact us for a free, no obligations trade media outreach consultation?

7. Use facts, numbers, and quotes

Readers of trade media are receptive to factual details, and compelling evidence to support your products’ stories. Using numbers to back up your claims, or quotes from respected sources like your CEO or top official spokesperson gives your press release more impact, building trust and authority, establishing your brand as experts among experts.

8. Keep it short

Shorter releases force you to be more concise and efficient in delivering your message. But don´t sacrifice the quality or depth of information in your message just to
keep it short. Make sure you have all the details important to editors and readers in your text so they get to read what they were promised by your headline and introduction.

9. Include your contact information

Don’t miss the opportunity for direct follow-up contact from new sales leads; be sure to include a contact representative with an email address and phone number in your release.

10. Promote yourself – provide a link to more access

Guide your publishers and readers to information beyond the content of your press release. Complete your text with a boilerplate clearly stating what your company does, its size, presence, key locations as well as its website and social media profile links. This helps in driving traffic to your website and builds interested followers.

So there you have it, 10 quick tips to tune up your press release content so your product news is ready to inspire your industry. Once your press releases are constructed and ready for publication, you need to ensure they are noticed by the right media for your content. With 40 years’ expertise in trade press specialized product communications, we know a thing or two about making your news irresistible to your industry’s expert trade press writers. We also get your hot news in front of precisely the right eyes to get you noticed in the trusted trade media every influencer and purchaser in your industry relies on for their B2B product news. This gives your product stories a meaningful publicity hit rate that basic distribution agencies can only dream of, grabbing the attention of your ideal clients globally. Are you ready to get noticed?

Check out our services for more details. We offer fully customised trade media outreach, whatever your industry, target countries, or publishing languages.

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