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Everyone Reads Trade Media – It’s Your Ultimate Client Magnet

Everyone Reads Trade Media

Yes, you read correctly. Everyone reads trade media; everyone in your industry, from your clients to your competitors. This fact makes trade media an essential shop window for your products. Had you even considered the potential of marketing directly to a captive audience consisting of influential decision makers with purchasing power, in all your global target markets? Trade media visibility achieves exactly that. Visibility there reaches an audience composed of your ideal customer avatars. It’s the marketing channel and lead generation equivalent of “shooting fish in a barrel.” This is the kind of publicity that really gets the phone ringing in your sales department, and your inbox full of requests from ready-to-buy hot contacts. With trade media the spotlight focus of your industry, it is vital that your brand and products have a centre-stage, starring role. Trust us, your sales team (and your CEO) will thank you for it!

Ready for a piece of the action?

Sell, sell, sell

As a marketing or sales professional, you are likely under pressure to perform to meet targets, and the sales figures never lie. Does the expectation of delivering maximum output with minimum resources sound familiar?

Trade media visibility helps to pick up the slack, boosting your sales and marketing processes. Given that trade media has a precisely defined audience, you can target customers in your ideal global audiences with pinpoint accuracy. If you have niche products with applications in specific industries, why seek publicity anywhere other than in front of the eyes of the people whose every day working lives would benefit from your innovations? Trade media readers represent extremely highly qualified sales leads; they are like-minded experts that share a passion for the industry you serve, and have the technical knowledge to appreciate the benefits your offerings. Reaching these individuals is like personal selling on a huge scale, where a vast a mount of readers represent a perfect prospect, because crucially, trade media reaches the people at the right company level for your needs: ready-to-buy decision makers with purchasing power. 

If you have a strong content marketing strategy, you’re probably already promoting your expertise and product launches on your website, blog, and social media, but showcasing these directly to professionals in your industry is the guaranteed way to make sure your messages reach people relevant to your business. Trade media provides the ultimate hook for your inbound marketing, engaging your audiences in a way that drives traffic into your sales funnel very effectively, providing you with a trustworthy source of high quality sales leads to nurture into lasting customer relationships.

Build trust; without it, you’re nowhere

What is the number one trusted source of B2B news within your industry? If you answered “trade media,” then you’d be absolutely correct. Trade publications are written by experts, for experts and published by respected editors with authority, and reputations to protect. For these reasons, only the most insightful, newsworthy content even gets published, which means that by getting into trade media, your brand and products receive an instant and impactful seal of approval and credibility boost that makes you stand out to potential buyers.

This is how you place your business top of the list with your ideal customers. With this kind of publicity you can generate incredible brand advocacy from the most influential voices in your industry, and cultivate a reputation that makes you the automatic “go-to” choice in your target markets.Trade publications are also frequently freely circulated with memberships to professional organisations, widening your reach without sacrificing the quality of your focus, with absolutely no extra effort required from you. Also, remember that in B2B purchase decision making, trust and credibility consistently rank as highly influential factors. With trade media building trust like no other channel,  it provides a ringing endorsement for your brand, and is a clear winner when slicing up the marketing budget for media exposure.

Publicity with impact

Speaking of budgeting your marketing activities, how much do you allocate for paid advertising space? (including your paid social media budget) Now consider what kind of returns on this investment you realistically measure. What percentage of leads are you able to convert effectively, and how much nurturing does each conversion take? Purchasing advertising space guarantees visibility for your brand to “somewhere”, but given the significant price tag attached, why spend money on publicity not targeted to the right people? Consider how many individuals your paid advertisement connects with, how many of these viewers represent genuine sales prospects? If you are spending money on an advertisement that is only relevant to a small percentage of the people viewing it, then congratulations, you’ve just found a sure-fire way to ineffectively use your valuable marketing budget.  

Trade media visibility delivers more “bang for your buck” and is not only less of a financial outlay compared to advertising, the peripheral benefits outweigh brand placement through paid advertising. Remember, with the influential eyes of your industry all cast upon the pages of trade media, it only takes one published article in the right trade journal to return multiple high quality sales leads from genuine ready to buy prospects that need the minimum amount of attention and very little nurturing through your sales process. 

Many trade media titles are published fairly periodically, which means that just one campaign launched to a cleverly selected list of publications could deliver a steady stream of incoming sales contacts for quite some time, even as long as 6 months after the initial campaign launch. This applies to both printed copies and online, digital counterparts, giving your trade media presence a lasting shelf-life that attracts continued attention long after any paid advert could. Add to this the ability to be seen as thought leaders by writing technically insightful articles pitched perfectly to your audience, and trade media comes up strongly. You can’t advertise your way to credibility, but you can earn it by being published in your industry’s influential trade magazines.

Get personal, get published

The key to successful communication is to know your audience, and pitch your messages accordingly. Trade media publicity lets you speak to your ideal clients in the common language of your industry, with highly the highly targeted messages they desire. As a practical consideration, imagine a new product launch. You have an amazing innovation to share with the world, and an inspiring story to tell about it. But where do you start to spread the word? How do you translate that story into brand awareness, advocacy, and sales figures and lasting customer relationships?

Firstly you need to get your news in front of the media, but not just by throwing it out to a blanket audience; you need to selectively target the media that directly serve the focused interest groups of your ideal demographics. To have any real chance of getting your story published, you need to reach the right media contacts, ideally with personal contact to the editors, with a ready to publish scoop that offers value to their readers, and the journalistic quality that both informs and inspires. 

Getting the attention of these respected editors is a challenge for any company, as your news will be competing for its space alongside other industry insights, which is why you need to give your stories an impactful boost from the people that know where your messages need to be, and how to get them there. Trade media editors are famously loyal to their news sources, and nothing builds your reputation more strongly than being associated with an expert trade media focused agency that has 40 years’ experience in serving editors with perfectly targeted stories for their journals.

Your complete trade media marketing solution

If all of the above sounds too good to miss, you’re probably asking “where do I sign up?!” Achieving publicity in all the right trade media for your brand, products, and target markets is not a straightforward task you can perform alone. Fortunately, we at INS Trade Media Service are your trusted partners offering the tailor-made services and collaborative support you need to deliver your messages to your ideal customers. We can maximise your trade media publicity in any industry, any languages, anywhere in the world and help you generate the kind of sales and marketing success that grows your business in all your target markets worldwide. Our media outreach lists are hand-selected, finely tuned to the needs of each individual campaign. If you’re inspired to know how many trade media we can reach with your messages, you’re very welcome to contact us for a free, no obligations consultation here.

We support a diverse range of clients and help them to empower their marketing and sales through trade media, we can do the same for your business too, with our boutique approach and completely custom services.

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