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There’s an abundance of talent just waiting to invigorate your company. Are you missing out?

An internship program is the mutually beneficial must-have boost to your business.

What comes to mind when you consider office interns? If you’re still stuck thinking along the lines of free labour, endless suppliers of cups of tea or coffee, and someone to fix the copy machine, then this post is for you. Read on to find out how without an internship program, your company is missing out on the hottest talent right on your doorstep, and a mutually beneficial way to add some spark to your business and a serious boost in value to your clients.

Interns are energized and innovative

Is your company too used to the old ways? Running short on fresh ideas and perspectives? Interns offer a youthful set of eyes and an inspired approach to help you freshen up your activities. Even the most creative workers, and your team’s star performers can become guilty of falling into routine and missing out on pushing forward the kinds of forward thinking and innovations that can distinguish your company from its competitors, giving you an edge that your clients will love. These fresh-faced and eager-to-learn talents are most likely incredibly tech-savvy too, and enable you to bring your company up to date with current technologies and trends like social media leverage, reaching out to influencers, digital automation, all productivity boosting essentials that you might not have otherwise even considered, never mind be implementing successfully. Don’t forget the benefit of tapping into your new interns’ network of like-minded peers, an additional audience to improve your social reach and spread a good message in company advocacy.

Along with new ideas and innovations on working practices, interns also bring in a positivity and eagerness that will energise your entire workforce. Most interns are very keen to show their talents, giving an uplifting and motivational spirit to the team and a “can-do” attitude that gives your clients a level of service that exceeds expectation.

Today’s intern is tomorrow’s team high flyer

Selecting the right people for your business is essential, but recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process. With reports suggesting that it may take up to 27 days and cost as much as $ 4000 to recruit a new employee, as well as the terrifying statistic that mis-hired recruits could cost the company 5 times the candidates’ salary, why not take a step to make sure your company is free from recruitment horror stories? An internship program allows you to trial candidates and simultaneously builds their experience and skills within your company culture. Interns that impress can be onboarded to paid members of the team seamlessly, and recruiting from your internship program gives you access to a talent pool that is not only tried and tested, but requires no additional training period. Many Fortune-500 companies are believed to retain over 80% of their interns as entry-level employees, making the most of talent their internship programs have sourced and nurtured.

Boosted productivity for a minimum cost

If your company runs a tight ship, with a small team and minimal budget, internships provide the extra workforce you need with extra hands to perform duties that would be otherwise unaccomplished. You may choose to offer a small financial package to interns; however, the majority of candidates are extremely grateful for some much needed practical work experience in their chosen career path and may be covered by students’ financial support. You may consider offering non-financial special privileges as an excellent way of providing real incentives your interns feel rewarded by, without breaking the bank. You can also benefit from diversifying your activities by assigning interns to projects requiring research, or areas you are tentatively considering investing in. Not only does this provide a structured and contextual learning experience for your interns, but also gives insights to develop your business strategies, all for a cost-effective bottom line.

Build company advocacy by all from within

What’s the best way to organically encourage your workforce to spread a positive message about your company? Provide them with an environment that is inclusive and engaging to all. A progressive and hands-on internship program that allows fresh talent to flourish and take an active role in your successes also provides senior members of your team with the opportunity to develop skills as mentors and leaders. Not only is this great for your everyday business, but it builds a spirit of inclusiveness within your team, and a diverse and productive environment in the workplace that your team will share with the world, from your team leaders feeling rewarded with the ability to pass on their expertise and nurture new talents, to your interns enthusiasm at being given the responsibility ability to make a difference.

These are the kinds of team dynamics that create a harmony your employees will advocate to the outside world that resonates with your clients. Advocacy like this creates a buzz that allows your company to be seen not only as an exceptional place to work, that gives refreshing and rewarding opportunities, but as a firm that has its finger on the pulse of the creativity and dynamism of the next wave of talent brings.

Been INSpired to learn more about how your company can benefit from running an internship program? Watch out for part 2 on this topic, featuring tips on creating the perfect internship plan for your company, including exclusive insight from our team.

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